Tip 002: Interesting ways to save money without stress or obvious change

June 2, 2022
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Originally posted on June 6, 2021 @ 9:44 pm

Hey hey beautiful people, welcome back and to my very special Creative Episode.

How you all doing ?

Well well, so today’s post is money inspired and I would love to share with you guys a few things I learnt myself on saving money without actually knowing your saving money… 🙂

I would like to apologize to my wonderful friends, fellow bloggers and consistent readers for my inconsistency in my daily blog post. Please accept my apologies and reschedule. My daily activities are getting the best of me.

So henceforth, I will be posting twice or thrice a week in order to keep up with you guys. Please bear 🙂 with me 😉

I’m guessing a number of you are interested in today’s post. The truth is I’m also very interested in it.

How exactly can we save money without stress or without an obvious change in our personal and daily routine ?

  • First things first, separate your wants from needs. Wants are things that we do not necessarily need ( leisure) while needs are important stuffs, basic amenities.
  • Keep track of your spending ( trust me, it works).
  • Have a savings account.
  • Develop a purchase strategy.
  • Reduce dining out and eat fresh ( this might be hard, especially if you don’t like to cook your own meals).
  • Get a piggy bank to store spare changes after a days work.
  • Line up a side hustle/ job.
  • Sell things you do not use.
  • Decide on your priorities
  • Do not owe debt.
  • DIY… these days, the world is getting so advanced to the point where as individuals we can actually learn to do something stuffs that would cost a lot on our own.
  • Take advantage of sales, promo as Nigeria’s will like to call it Awoof.

Did you know that a change in lifestyle can also help you save money.

The truth is he who buys what he does not need steals from himself. There is no particular time to start saving… but it’s best to start now and enjoy it later.

How about that ?

Hope you enjoyed today’s Episode…

Looking forward to giving you more helpful tips.

See you soon

Cheers :$



Things you wants always get in the way.
We have this huge saving tin that we’ve been dropping money in since this year started and we’ll open it in December. I’ve done the piggy bank thing myself and it’s surprising howmuch money you can raise when you aren’t counting.
Diy’s are taking over nearly anything.
I totally agree with taking note of sales. I mean if you know that a certain shop always has stock on sale after a few weeks,why buy it full price if you don’t really need it? That’s just scamming yourself ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
Thanks for the tips your highness❤

Princess Onyeario

Your welcome dear
Thank you soo much for reading and sharing your experience

Hope your having a lovely day 😉


This is the best ways to get your finance working for you not you working for your finance. Thank you Precious May for sharing this insightful impactful information with me.
I love it.

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