Things to do in SEYCHELLES

April 19, 2022
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Hellllo people, how y’a doing.

First of, welcome to the new week, although it’s 7:30am on a Tuesday in Nigeria.

How was your weekend. Well I kinda spent mine exploring the internet, let me share with you one of my Findings.

Seychelles (A brief intro)

Let me introduce you guys…

Seychelles is a country in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa and the home of numerous beaches, (115 islands). It’s one of the smallest countries in the world with the population of 97,700 as @ 2019.

The 3 official languages includes: Creole, English & French. The currency used is the Seychellois rupees and they love to eat seafood ( obviously ). You can find almost all fruits in Seychelles (yummmm).

Republic of Seychelles, has its capital known as Victoria. Seychelles is a multi-party republic with one legislative house ( National Assembly )

Now let’s take a look at the TTDS

Things to do in Seychelles

  • Go on boat trips
  • Visit the three main island; Mahe, Praslin, La Digue.
  • Go Hiking and Rock climbing
  • Golfing
  • Food tour ( visit the local market place ). This is my favourite 
  • Enjoy your time at the beach
  • Go scuba diving
  • Chill with giant tortoise and baby turtles go into the water for the first time.

If I had powers, it would be be teleport and I would have been at Seychelles and also writing this post. Oh well

Hope you Enjoyed TTDS with creativemay.

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Blessing Ogbor

I will love to go there please

Princess Onyeario

Who wouldn’t
It’s a nice place ❤️


This sounds like a gun place!
I’m not really a fan of seafood but yes to fruit!
I love the beach too❤
Thanks for sharing❤


Meant fun place not gun place. Guess I was typing too fast

Riya Gautam

Wow dude aswsome place! Thanks for sharing

Princess Onyeario

Thank you
Your welcome dear

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