June 16, 2022
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Originally posted on September 20, 2021 @ 3:22 pm


Feminism has become baggage filled with heavy negative thoughts but that’s not what it’s actually about.  Men and women are different in so many ways and generally men are slightly stronger than women physically and that’s not an argument. In the worlds today according to research and statistics, women have been said to be more in population than men. During the course of time, the society  has been structured in a way that the physical strong person which is the man is more likely to lead than a woman but now it seems as though leadership surpasses physical strength and it encompasses of creativity and intelligence and these features is now possessed by both genders. However, the world is evolving but a few ideologies still remains solid rock. The society has thought us in so many ways that men are better than women but the society neglects the facts that both genders are as important in the society and both play significant roles in the establishment and structuring of the society as a whole.

The question thereafter is, what then is feminism all about, is it the fight for equal rights, the takeover of power in the society by women, the notion that states that women are better off without men, what exactly is it? feminism is not taking from men or hating men, feminism is about equity much more than it is about equality. For me, feminism is the fight for both genders and not just women. The level of impartiality in the society has reach rock bottom. We can’t scream about feminism in governance and society when in our homes the level of unfairness is like that of skyscrapers.

A number of individuals live their lives in pretense just because they are afraid of being judged, the issues in the society have made room for hidden personality now all we see is fake lives here and there and all these are as a result of partiality and judgement. Superiority complex is one of the many negative perks of the world today, because I am bigger than you so we are not on the same level. These are the issues feminism is all about

If your feminism is racist, partial, judgmental etc. then it is not feminism. Feminism is not about men are weak and women are superior this is why the notion is changing and there is a wall of stigma around the word “feminism”. The view of feminism should be based on equity and should not be centered majorly on equality, the rights to the notion that no one should be discriminated against, regardless of gender. The problem of gender is that it prescribes positions in society rather than purpose.

Stop spreading the wrong message about feminism, it has nothing to do with hate. feminists do not hate men and it is not about men but the fight for equity.

Should we all be feminists?



This was really interesting your highness.
I always knew about feminism but never agreed with it because I thought it had to do with this hatred for men and the fact that woman are superior to men and all that but guess I can blame that on myself for not doing actual research.

Since feminism is actually about equity, then I guess I might start agreeing with it because I feel that neither women or men are superior to the other and we are all equal.

Thanks for the insight your highness❤

Princess Onyeario

Thank you so much for reading my dear… It took me a while to finally post this.


This gives me a clearer view for what feminism is all about. Thank you

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