It’s Temporary

January 26, 2021
2 min read

Salut guys, how are you doing… don’t mind me I’m practicing my French.

Well, I’ve been getting myself Entangled with books lately and it’s going really really well so far.

In life not everything goes smoothly, some phases are like rocky hills, feels like it’s almost impossible to climb. Today I’m here to tell you that it’s temporary.

I’m sure we all know the saying “Nothing is impossible if you believe” and to be totally honest with you, it’s 100% true.

These are hard times and I want to reach out to someone today, I want you to tell someone today, I need you to tell someone to tell someone today, “it’s Temporary

Things will change, you will loose that weight, you will pass that exam, you will get that job, you will get that house, you will get that scholarship. It may all seem impossible but don’t give up

Read it again…DONT GIVE UP

Are you out there searching, Are you facing a challenge whether physical, emotional, psychological, or financial. I tell you today Thou Shall Not Give Up.

Forgive my use of terms, I just really want to tell someone today that it’s Temporary. Say it loud and proud “it’s Temporary”

Today’s post was inspired by someone, it might have been you but who cares. What’s important is the message I’m trying to pass across to you today.


Okay beautiful people, This is where I leave you today but prepare to see me soon.. Also don’t forget to reach out if need be Contact

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Have a lovely Day, see you soon




Lovely post,top notch
At first I thought this post would be you telling us you’ve leaving for a while(why I thought that I don’t know) but I’m glad it turned out to be something else❤.

Don’t give up – love it❤
And yes,whatever you’re going through is only temporary

Ooooo I see you’re trying out French Congolese are French speaking so I know a bit
Salut,coma sava mon amie?

Thanks for the lovely post your highness❤

Princess Onyeario

Thank you soo much dear
Just wanted to pass a little message across…
I can understand why you though that ( )

Wuuu really
I’m getting serious with the French, maybe I will speak to you only in French once in while.. that’s once I get the hang of it


I’m glad it’s not what I thought it is though
I’ll be looking forward to that❤☺

Christie Hawkes

Of course, you are right. Everything is impermanent…the pleasant times and the challenging ones. We must savor the joy and hang on through the suffering. Thanks for the reminder.

Princess Onyeario

Thank you ma’am
Thanks for reading

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