May 14, 2022
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Hello beautiful people, who missed me 🙂

So guys, I’m soo soo soo sorry for the delay in posts, I’ve been supper busy here and there and bumped up with challenges. But we move right ?

I’ve really missed posting and missed me readers even more… before I go any further ( How y’all doing )

Hope your good, how’s work, school, etc…

Today’s post is like a little gist I have for you guys, it’s like a recap of the Month of March

March was a not soo bad kinda month for me, I achieved quite a number of things, laughed like crazy, meet some crazy fellows, started a New mental health routine, working on my hair growth and skin glow 😉 and the best of all ( I finally got my drivers license ).

Personally, this year is a year of hopes and dreams and I’m looking forward to marvelous testimony’s by the end of the year ( I know it’s coming off too quickly)

Currently, I enrolled in a language school and it’s been a rocky ride ( sort of ) but it’s soo worth it. I got to see life through the eyes of various persons, listen to stories and life experiences

Honestly I’m soo delighted and pleased with this month, I just had to tell you guys about it


I wouldn’t want to do all the talking, hopefully you guys have a thing or two you would love to share. So feel free

Share your gratification:)



I missed youuuuuuuu❤❤
Congratttsss for getting your drivers licenseಥ⌣ಥ
Mehn,sounds like March has been really good for you right?
How is language school been going? Are you learning a specific language?

Princess Onyeario

Thanks dear
It definitely has been
I’m learning a specific language
If only I could learn them all at once

Missed you too dear


Yeah it would be cool to do them all.


March sounds like it was a good month for you.

I wrote exams throughout March and I’m so glad it’s over. Certainly wasn’t my favourite month. I also had one of the worst breakouts on my face March was overall a month of stress and I’m happy it’s over

Princess Onyeario

Well we thank God in all situation
Hopefully April will be soo much better…

Thanks for reading love

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