May 18, 2022
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Originally posted on April 14, 2021 @ 10:59 pm

A little chat with Miss Amakwe Christiana

Hello lovely people, how you doing ?

Welcome back, once again I have to apologize for my inconsistency. My scheduled posting time was tampered with, but I’m here now.

Did you miss me ?

Soo today’s post is about chimerism

I came across this last week on a friends social media page and I had to ask her a few questions about it, so she elaborated on the topic.

I wouldn’t be nice if I don’t share this with you. 🙂

My Questions ?

  1. What’s CHIMERISM all about
  2. How did you get to know about it.
  3. What are the symptoms of this illness
  4. Is it curable or reduced ?
  5. This may sound ridiculous but is this a good or bad things ?

Miss Amakwe christiana’s Reply

  1. CHIMERISM is a condition were by an individual has 2 different sets of DNA in their blood stream.

The causes of this are

  • Micro chimerism: this happens when the mother absorbs the cells of her child from the womb.
  • Artificial chimerism: this happens during transfusion of blood, but this is really rare because of the radiation treatment given during blood transfusion.
  • Twin chimerism: twin chimerism happens when twin are conceived and one of the embryo dies insides of the womb , the other living embryo may probably absorbs the cells of the died embryo.

2. I got to know about chimerism through a movie and I got motivated to read more about it

3. Symptoms are :

  • 2 different colored eyes
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • 2 or more different sets of dna in their blood stream
  • They can have 2 sex genitals the male and the female (intersex)

4. No I don’t think is curable but it can be managed

5. CHIMERISM is not a good thing .


I enjoyed this chat because I got to learn something new. To be honest, it’s my first time hearing of a cause/illness like this.

Getting to learn more about this was insightful and I hope you enjoyed today’s #educational post.

Feel free to contact me through the contact tab at the menu or simply tap this link — Contact me incase you have any questions concerning CHIMERISM or you can leave a message at the comment section.

Merci beaucoup tout le monde <thanks a lot everyone>

See you soon 🙂



Chimerism sounds really interesting

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