April 10, 2022
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What’s the perfect Christmas Experience?

Yellllloowwwww beautiful people it’s the day we’ve all being waiting for… it’s Christmas everyone.

What’s my best Christmas Experience you ask, well let me think…

I don’t have one, basically I can’t pick cause the season feels soo different everything I get soo excited about it. My best part about it is the food, get to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat, yeah and also getting to watch others be happy during this wonderful time of year.

The truth is, I enjoy watching other Christmas experiences and it makes me soo happy, seeing the smiles on lovely faces #getting overly emotional.

My perfect Christmas experience was in 2017, I had the best Christmas. I got to travel with the fam and we had lots of fine……

I wouldn’t want to say too much cause it’s Christmas and you all have lots of activities planned. Don’t forget to leave my invite at the comment section 

P.s i woke up with a cold today ( worst thing ever )

Thank you guys soo much for reading, I had a blast writing these lovely BLOGMAS count down posts and I hope you enjoyed reading them.

Merry Christmas to all…. hohohoho


Notice: This will be my end of the year post on creativemay, what better day and time to end this years blog post than on Christmas Day. See you soon guys #hugs and kisses.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year 

What’s your perfect Christmas Experience ?



Merrrrrry Christmas your highness❤

Princess Onyeario

Merry Christmas dear
Hope you enjoyed ur day ?

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