July 29, 2022
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Hey guys, welcome to back and If it’s your first time here, a special welcome to you #hugs and kisses.

Christmas is 10days away and I’m excited. Are you excited ?

Well, this year had its ups and downs, I for one can say I learnt a lot this year and I’m looking forward to the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

It’s going to be my first BLOGMAS and it’s a 10 day count down to Christmas with May.

The count down begins…

  • Day 0: Introduce the creativemay blogmas count down
  • Day 1: Meaning of Christmas
  • Day 2: Festive date tips
  • Day 3: Favourite Festive movies and songs ( Christmas playlist)
  • Day 4: Festive world wide recipes
  • Day 5: Festive sermons #ScriptureSunday
  • Day 6: 5 things I love about Christmas
  • Day 7: The Nigerian Christmas culture
  • Day 8: The tales of the Mistletoe
  • Day 9: Christmas, Commercialized or Nah
  • Day 10: The perfect Christmas Experience

Hope you’re excited for the creative blogmas count down because I sure am.

Feel free to participate and share your reviews on our countdown blog posts. Dont Forget to subscribe to my blog to stay updated.





I’m really not use to the blogmas thing. Only plan on giving it a try next year. Never even knew there’s something like Blogmas until everyone started doing it‍♀️. Willy try and participate next year though. Thanks for the invite though❤

Princess Onyeario

That’s nice dear
Didn’t know as well but when I heard about it I was moved to try it out…
I’m glad ur willing to try it out next year ☺️

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