March 16, 2022
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Originally posted on November 4, 2020 @ 10:07 am

Do you believe in yourself and the fact that you can overcome all obstacles? 

Do you have self-doubts and your looking down on yourself, casting away your achievement because you don’t see yourself as an achiever

Do you believe?

What will it take for you to believe?

Why do you doubt yourself so much?

Why don’t you encourage yourself? 

Everyone is a lost sheep looking for their shepherd 

Like a lost child trying to find his mum 

Like youths trying to find their passion and purpose 

What’s your purpose?

Do you believe you can find it or are you waiting for it to come to you? 

If so, how long will you keep waiting 

Have your prayed about this 

Do you believe it’s a phase? 

Do you believe bad situations are challenges that can be overcome? 

No challenge comes like a piece of candy, nor can I say it bitters but it can be unpleasant 

You have to believe

That’s where the change starts 

When you believe


Princess Onyeario

Been on a low
How are you doing ?

Hemalatha Ramesh

Really a good one.

Btw, did you read all of my posts so fast?

Princess Onyeario

I’ve read five of your post
Still reading the rest
Just wanted to like them all cause I already know it’s gonna be worth the read

Thank you

Hemalatha Ramesh

That’s so sweet! Thank you.
And your welcome.❤️

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